- Introduction: Examples of structures for demanding applications (ships, boats, cars, bridges, cranes, booms, beam and frame structures, vehicle frames, process equipment, silos, towers, pipes, chimneys, pressure vessels, shell structures, etc..)
- Digitalization of the production including design, fabrication processes and life cycle control
- Material selection based on needs from end users, fabrication and recycling
- Design for use and considering the requirements from fabrication, transportation, assembly, maintenance and recycling
- Design of manufacturing including pre-treatments, cutting, forming and machining processes, preparing of joints considering welding processes and finishing processes considering the aspect of strength and quality
- Design and life cycle control of structures based on calculation and monitoring
- Lead time and cost control
- Welding processes and automation
- Robotic applications in welding
- Optimization of welding application
- Control, sensing and intelligent welding systems (AI)
- Laser based production
- Additive manufacturing
- Design for laser based manufacturing
- Traceability and monitoring of parts and manufacturing processes
- Case studies of industrial applications

Group work including guided exercises concerning the production of a structural detail with documented report:
Geometrical design based on life cycle (loading) control and material selection, fabrication plan including different processes (e.g. cutting, forming, machining, joint preparing, bolting, welding, post-treating, etc.) and the option concerning 3D-printing, along with quality and inspection plan.