This course aims give students a chance to create unique projects with a hands-on approach.The course guides students to find their interest in software engineering skills and to help each student find their desired path in software developing in the future. The course consists of four (4) modules: frontend, backend, mobile apps, full stack - from which a student chooses min. one (1) module to complete. One module completed is equivalent to 3 ECTS cr. Front-endThe Goal is to make a responsive webpage using html, CSS and a little JavaScript. These are the basic tools to make today's web-frontend. Students may use Bootstrap or animations in addition. The project focuses only on the layout, styles and the overall structure of the page.MobileThe Goal is to make an Android app with Android Studio. The app should have basic functionality with buttons and views. This module aims to teach the basics of mobile development.BackendThis module aims to teach the student what a backend is and what is it for. In this module you will learn how to implement a restful API from scratch using node.js, mongoDB and express.Full-StackThe module gives the student basic understanding of full-stack development. The Goal is to create a basic front- and back-end and bundle them together as a complete system. The focus is to understand the bigger picture and how to actually bundle different software components together to create a working program. You will learn how to use MEAN-stack as a fullstack tool bundle to create an app from scratch.