During the course the student will become familiar with the properties and application areas
of different constructional materials. The recent scientific results dealing with material
science and technology will be discussed. Aspects of selecting and comparing different
materials are discussed from the viewpoints of functionality, manufacturing aspects, costs
and environmental aspects of the product. Future trends in materials science are discussed
briefly. Metals and their alloys, polymers, ceramics, composites, wood materials, adaptive
materials, nanomaterials. Environmental aspects of material selection from the viewpoint of
LCC and LCA and the basics of MIPS calculations. Innovative solutions of the material
selection tasks will be discussed. Principles to formulate and solve the materials solution
tasks based on analytical and systematic approaches and means to develop models to support
the selection process staring from the product’s requirement list will be discussed in details.
Multi-language teaching environment will be utilized during the project work.

Project work focuses to selecting structural materials for industrial applications.