A laser beam as a tool for materials processing. Classification of lasers and laser materials processing technologies. Basics of applications and technical solutions of laser technology in R&D&I and in industrial scale manufacturing. The basics of 3D printing, e.g. adding material in layers. Classification of 3D printing (additive manufacturing) technologies. A brief overview of materials suitable for 3D printing. Applications of 3D printing in R&D&I and in industrial scale manufacturing.
Basic phenomena of laser beam-material interaction in different laser processes. The effect of process parameters on the nature of beam-material interaction. Formation of a keyhole and behaviour of molten material. Detailed knowledge on the beam-material interaction in the most common laser processes. Practical cases and application examples.
Introduction to various laser materials processing systems. Work safety in laser processing. Laser marking, cutting, welding and surface treatment processes. Practical use of laser processes. Participation in laser processing demonstrations. Manufacturing of a demonstration piece, which includes work phases with different laser processes. Writing reports and a seminar paper about the laboratory demonstrations.
Knowledge on different laser equipment, resonator types, accessories and processing systems and requirements of different ways to process material with a laser beam. The principles of systems used for production. Optical components used for laser processing, safety and quality assurance. Tools for beam forming, guiding and modification. The possibilities and limitations of laser processing in product design. Practical case examples. Economic aspects of laser materials processing.
Additive manufacturing (AM, aka 3D printing) processes, materials and equipment. Utilisation of the potential of additive manufacturing in product design. Practical cases and applications. Future trends and potential of additive manufacturing. First-hand demonstrations on how to design parts for additive manufacturing. Practical demonstrations on manufacturing of parts with AM processes. Economic aspects of additive manufacturing.