From learning phonetics to applying Chinese language in real life, students will learn three basic levels of Chinese language: pronunciation, word and sentence. Students will work on speaking, listening, reading and writing. Language of instruction: Mandarin Chinese, Finnish and English.
Students will learn Chinese phonetic system and sentence structures. Students will also read the texts and discuss the relevant topics. In the course, students should become familiar with the Chinese job application, China nowadays and commerce between Finland and China. The themes are including, 1. Chinese typing skills; 2. job application; 3. curriculum vitae; 4. overview of China; 5. introduction to Chinese companies in Finland; and 6. introduction to the commerce between Finland and China.
Students will learn Chinese typing and the most frequently used vocabularies. Students will be introduced Chinese culture included custom, history and economy. The topics are including 1. Chinese typing 2. Cover letter & curriculum vitae 3. HSK level 2 s vocabularies & grammar 4. Pronunciation & intonation 5. Introduction to Chinese history and custom 6. Introduction to economy in China